My Teacher

Category : Distribution
Country : Japan

Directed by : Takahiro Miki 三木孝浩
Written by : Mari Okada
Produced by : Takashi Hirano
Production Year : 2017
Release Date : 1 March 2018
Running Time : 113 minutes
Cast : Toma Ikuta 生田斗真, Suzu Hirose 广濑铃


Hibiki Shimada (Suzu Hirose 广濑铃) is a 17-year-old sophomore, who has never known love. But she’s about to fall in love for the first time. But who? A man of few words but great compassion – her history teacher, Mr Ito (Toma Ikuta 生田斗真). Encouraged by her schoolmates, Hibiki confesses her love to her teacher, but he rejects her. But it doesn’t matter. Hibiki is determined to continue loving the one she loves, and her innocent persistence slowly wears down the young teacher. Soon, teacher and student must make the difficult choice between following your heart, or listening to your head. Is there nobody you cannot love?