My Perfect You

Category : Distribution
Country : Philippines

Directed by : Cathy Garcia MOLINA
Written by : Kristine GABRIEL, Carmi RAYMUNDO, Cathy Garcia MOLINA
Production Year : 2018
Release Date : 31 May 2018
Running Time : 121 minutes


Burn (Gerald Anderson) thought he had it all - a great job and a beautiful girlfriend. But everything falls apart when Burn's girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal, spiralling him into a depression that gets him fired. Depressed and jobless, Burn retreats to an island to be alone. Little does he know that the island is home to Abi (Pia Wurtzbach), the bubbly owner of the aptly-named Happy Sunshine Camp resort. Abi is an incurable optimist who goes to absurd and comical lengths to crack Burn's chronic pessimism. Will Burn's broken face smile again for the perfect Abi?

Production Still