Love, Again 두번할까요

Category : Distribution
Country : Korea

Directed by : PARK Yong-jip
Production Year : 2019
Release Date : 21 November 2019
Running Time : 112 minutes
Cast : KWON Sang-woo, LEE Jung-hyeon, LEE Jong-hyuk, SUNG Dong-il, JUNG Sang-hoon


After the embarrassing divorce ceremony, ‘Hyun-woo’ returns to the single life that he dreamed of and hopes to enjoy his freedom forever. Just six months later, ‘Sun- young’ comes back into his life as the love interest of ‘Sang-chul’, an old friend from high school. The funny reality of ‘Hyun-woo’, who struggles to escape from Sun- young’s sudden return and being unable to ignore her when she is in need, evokes empathy in real-life situations.

Production Still