Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost 《翻生争霸战》

Category : Production
Country : Hong Kong

Directed by : 李国煌 Mark Lee
Production Year : 2021
Release Date : 1 April 2021
Running Time : 81 minutes
Cast : ⻩又南 Wong You Nam, 苏丽珊 Cecilia So, 林晓峰 Jerry Lamb, 顾定轩 Zeno Koo


Many people are just living boring lives but have you wonder what will remain after you passed? Wang Xiao Gua works all day but still doesn’t have a car or even a house. In the afterlife after his death, he was arranged to become a contestant for the variety show Hell Bank Presents “ Running Ghost”. Wang Xiao Gua wishes to be the grand winner of the competition so that he can return and be together with the girl he likes, Bao Er. However, in the midst of the competition, he meets a teenage psychic Ling Qi. Ling Qi decided to help him in winning the competition but Wang Xiao Gua soon realized, winning the competition isn’t just about Bao Er anymore.

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