The King of Musang King 《猫山王中王》

Category : Production
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Jack Neo
Production Year : 2022
Release Date : 21 January 2023
Running Time : 149 minutes
Cast : Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Yeo Yann Yann, Glenn Yong, Angeline Teoh, Henry Thia, Gadrick Chin


Mao Shan (Jack Neo) is an ambitious durian farmer who wishes to expand his sales overseas against pressures from the "Three Heavenly Kings" of the business. He helps Mei Lian (Yeo Yann Yann), his neighbour and sole supporter, to improve her durian farm harvests, and develops feelings for her in the process. However, Mei Lian's long-separated husband, Jin Shui (Mark Lee), returns, complicating things. Jin Shui tries to influence Mei Lian's children against Mao Shan, as Mao Shan fights to save both their businesses and win Mei Lian's heart.