Iblis Dalam Darah

Category : Distribution
Country : Indonesia

Directed by : Yannie Sukarya
Produced by : Helroad Films
Production Year : 2023
Release Date : 20th April 2023
Running Time : 95 minutes
Cast : Michelle Joan, Ryaas Randa, Cut Ashifa, Soraya Rasyid, Tien Kadaryono, Egy Fedly, Andhika Alveiro, Ahmad Pule


Haruni screams in pain of being possessed by a devil. Besides being in pain, she also tends to hurt herself. Haruni's sister, Hanum, has glaucoma. Dr. Ahmad, who is treating Hanum, hears Haruni's story. He then treats Haruni during the night of the recitation. Haruni's body spasms violently, manages to release all the bonds on her body and jumps into the window of the house's second floor. Ahmad suspects that Haruni has a connection with a suicide case. The body of the person who killed himself was also possessed by the demon flowing in Haruni's blood. Ahmad and a police friend help Haruni's problems, looking for data on the man who had committed suicide and expelling the evil spirit from Haruni's body.