A Day 一天

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Cho Sun-ho
Written by : Cho Sun-ho
Produced by : Film Line
Production Year : 2016
Release Date : 10 August 2017
Running Time : 90 minutes
Cast : Kim Myung-min, Byun Yo-han


Returning from a long trip abroad, Jun-young, a skilled doctor, comes across a car accident scene on the way to meet his daughter. It turns out that the dead hit by a taxi is none other than his beloved daughter, Eun-jung. Then suddenly, everything repeats like a déjà vu: Eun- jung getting hit by a taxi and Min-chul, the paramedic, checking on other victims including his own wife inside the taxi. The disastrous hours repeat yet again: the accident scene, Eun- jung, Min-chul’s desperate face, and so on. Lost in repetition, Jun-young notices that he is not the only one trying to save a loved one in the endless time loop. Now, Jun-young and Min-chul decide to work together to redesign the gruesome future.

Production Still