Crisis Negotiators 谈判专家

Category : Distribution
Country : Hong Kong

Directed by : 邱礼涛 HERMAN YAU
Production Year : 2023
Release Date : 27 June 2024
Running Time : 120 minutes
Cast : 刘青云 SEAN LAU, 吴镇宇 FRANCIS NG


Negotiator expert Zhuo Wenwei (played by Sean Lau) unexpectedly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Forced into a corner, he occupies the police station, taking officers hostage, and demands negotiations with the former negotiator Xie Jiajun (played by Francis NG). With Xie's expertise in psychological manipulation and Zhuo's exceptional skills, they engage in a battle of wits. As the verbal sparring deepens, their positions and mindsets gradually change... This film is adapted from the American movie "The Negotiator". 谈判专家卓文伟(刘青云饰)意外成为一桩命案的头号嫌犯,被逼无奈下他占领警署挟持警察作人质,并指定前谈判专家谢家俊(吴镇宇 饰)与自己对话。擅长攻心的谢家俊与技巧高超的卓文伟反复拉锯,唇枪舌战间,两人的立场与心态逐渐发生改变…… 本片改编自美国电影《王牌对王牌》

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