We Market and Distribute Films

mm2 Entertainment acquires and distributes movies across Singapore and Malaysia. Our Marketing and Distribution team is dedicated to ensuring all our movies are given a chance to travel beyond Singapore.

Notable distributed titles in Malaysia include "The Journey" (RM17.2 million), and Taiwan’s "Cafe.Waiting.Love" (RM4.98 million). "The Journey" is Malaysia’s highest-grossing local Chinese film of all time.

In Singapore, we distributed the first four instalments of "Ah Boys to Men", which became Singapore’s top 4 highest grossing local films of all time.

Our films have also received critical acclaim. In 2017, "Shuttle Life" won Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Actor in the Asian New Talent Award category at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival. On the other hand, Nina Paw was nominated for Best Actress at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards for her compelling performance in "Show Me Your Love".