Dealer / Healer 毒。诫

Category : Distribution
Country : Hong Kong

Directed by : Lawrence LAU
Written by : CHAN Man-keung, LAM Wai-kuk
Produced by : Sil-Metropole Organisation
Production Year : 2016
Release Date : 25 May 2017
Running Time : 101 minutes
Cast : LAU Ching Wan, LAM Ka-tung, Louis KOO, ZHANG Jin, JIANG Yiyan


Dealer / Healer is based on the true story of and produced by a triad member who turned good. In the 60s and 70s in Hong Kong, triad gangs rule the city. Chen Hua (Lau Ching Wan; Overheard 3, Insanity) leads the 13 Tsz Wan Shan Gang, which includes his best friends, Trumpet (Lam Ka-Tung; Best Actor - Trivisa) and Kitty (Zhang Jin; Ip Man 3). At the same time, he has Ke Rou (Jiang Yiyan; The Vanished Murderer), the love of his life, by his side. However, his illicit activities get him into trouble with the gang. Though he is saved by his frenemy, Halley (Louis Koo; Line Walker), he's unable to escape the law and is sent to prison. During his sentence, he loses his father to an illness and Ke Rou disappears. Chen Hua resolves to turn a new leaf after his release, actively contributing to a youth drug rehabilitation program and even receiving a Ten Outstanding Persons of Hong Kong award. Between his drug rehabilitation advocacy and efforts to mediate disputes between triads, Chen Hua comes across Ke Rou once again. He is set on rekindling their love, but can he navigate himself out of the complicated mess from the past?

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