Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen 新兵正傳III:蛙人傳

Category : Production
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Jack Neo 梁志强
Written by : Jack Neo, Ivan Ho
Produced by : Jack Neo
Production Year : 2015
Running Time : 120 minutes
Cast : Wang Weiliang 王伟良, Joshua Tan 陈伟恩, Maxi Lim 林俊良, Tosh Zhang 张智扬, Wesley Wong 黄恺杰


The second sequel to Singapore's highest grossing movie franchise. The original cast of Ah Boys to Men are back! This time as recruits of Singapore's Naval Diving Unit (NDU). The movie offers a peek into the intensive training regime of the NDU, which have never been revealed so far. Together, the boys must survive 40 weeks of hell to become frogmen, one of Singapore's most fearsome military units.

Production Still