The 3rd Eye Reopens 通灵眼2

Category : Distribution
Country : Indonesia

Directed by : Rocky Soraya
Production Year : 2019
Release Date : 16 May 2019
Running Time : 116 minutes
Cast : Jessica Mila, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Sophia Latjuba, Jeremy Thomas, Bianca Hello


After her sister's death, ALIA decided to start a new life at an orphanage that belongs to MRS. LAKSMI and MR. FADLI. But Alia feels there is something wrong with the orphanage. Especially after NADIA, one of the orphans with an opened third eye like Alia, hears a mysterious voice. Alia and Nadia opened a mysterious room and accidentally release the vengeful spirit DARMAH. Together with MRS. WINDU, a paranormal teacher, Alia has to face Darmah and save the orphanage.

Production Still