Stand By Me 陪你很久很久

Category : Production
Country : Taiwan

Directed by : Lai Meng-Jie
Production Year : 2019
Release Date : 14 November 2019
Running Time : 102 minutes
Cast : Mason Lee, Shao Yu-Wei, Tsai Jui-Hsueh


Have you ever experienced a teenage romance that hurts? Jiu Bing (Mason Lee) has been in the friend zone of Bo He (Shao Yu-Wei) since he was twelve. Even though he tried everything in order to win her heart, he is being friend-zoned by her. When working as a part-time pace runner, Jiu Bing met Xia Tian (Tsai Jui-Hsueh). By chance, they later became internet celebrities. After placing Bo He as his priority for a long time, Jiu Bing gradually realised the role he plays in Bo He’s life, and has finally found where his heart belongs to.

Production Still