The Clock: Spirits Awakening

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Leak Lyda
Production Year : 2019
Release Date : 6 August 2020
Running Time : 120 minutes
Cast : Sorn Piseth, Nov Dana, Khul Samanta, Yem Srey


In the year of 1940, the song Gloomy Sunday was known as the suicide song as many suicides recorded were related to it. Listening to this song has led to a French lady committing suicide as well after the death of her boyfriend, a clock engineer at that time. Her soul was not at peace and it returned with the purpose of fulfilling the desires of other victims of depression. Cheata, a girl living with her father and stepmother after her biological mother, Chanda, left the family, is suffering from depression. Every day she suffers mental and physical abuses from her stepmother. Together with her longing for her true mother, this had led Cheata to slip deeper and deeper into depression. Holding on to her mother's photo and listening to her mother's lullaby every night does little to heal her heartache and depression. It is through this weakness that Cheata succumbed and falls under the control of the spirit of the French Lady who possesses the Clock.