A Trip With Your Wife 《跟你老婆去旅行》

Category : Production
Country : Taiwan

Directed by : Gavin Lin 林孝謙
Production Year : 2021
Release Date : 6 May 2021
Running Time : 94 minutes
Cast : Bryan Chang 张书豪,Michelle Chen 陈妍希, Rhydian Vaughan 凤小岳


Ah Cheng (played by Bryan Chang) and Ah Zhi (played by Rhydian Vaughan) were both roommates and best friends in college. In a school performance, Ah Cheng fell in love with the beautiful girl Xiaoya (played by Michelle Chen) from the guitar club at first sight. Being a good friend, Ah Zhi vowed to help Ah Cheng to win Xiaoya's heart. However, when Ah Cheng finally got together with Xiaoya, Ah Zhi disappeared... After graduating from university, Ah Cheng married Xiaoya and started his own business. A few years later, Ah Cheng's company faced a crisis of bankruptcy due to a lack of funds. He went around to raise funds and even tried to sell Xiaoya's cake shop which she has worked hard for. This crisis has put their relationship to test. Unexpectedly, Ah Zhi appeared, and he is willing to give 10 million to Ah Cheng. The price was: Xiaoya to accompany him to go on an overseas trip! Ah Cheng was moved by this absurd request! Seeing that Ah Cheng doesn't care about her feelings, Xiaoya frustratedly followed Ah Zhi on a trip abroad. 阿诚(张书豪饰演)与阿智(凤小岳饰演)在大学时代既是室友、又是好朋友,某次社团 表演,阿诚对吉他社的漂亮女生小雅(陈妍希饰演)一⻅倾心,阿智基于好友情谊发誓要 帮阿诚追到小雅,但当阿诚如愿与小雅在一起之后,阿智却消失了... 大学毕业后,阿诚顺理成章与小雅结婚,展开创业的日子。几年后阿诚的公司缺乏资金面临倒闭危机,他四处筹钱、甚至想卖掉小雅努力经营的蛋糕店,两人吵到不可开交,关系濒临冰点。没想到这时候阿智出现在两人面前,他愿意提供阿诚需要的资金一千万,代价是:小雅单独陪他去旅行!这荒谬的要求阿诚竟然动了心!小雅⻅阿诚如此不在乎她,心灰意冷地跟着阿智出国旅行。阿智是否真的对小雅别有用心?阿诚要如何追回小雅?三人间的感情纠葛到底怎么回事?

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