Detective VS. Sleuths 神 探 大 戰

Category : Distribution
Country : Hong Kong

Directed by : Wai Kai Fa
Production Year : 2022
Release Date : 21 July 2022
Running Time : 111 minutes
Cast : Sean Lau, Charlene Choi, Raymond Lam


Hong Kong is rocked by a series of brutal murders. The victims are suspects of cold cases who have eluded arrest for many years. The group of killers, who call themselves “The Chosen Sleuths”, are vigilantes who are taking justice in their own hands and openly challenging the Hong Kong police. In response, the police form a task force of their own “chosen sleuths” to stop the criminals. Jun Lee (Sean LAU) was a legend in the police force as an ace detective before the onset of his mental illness. Once nicknamed “The Chosen Sleuth”, Jun now lives as a hobo on the streets after he was disgracefully dismissed from the force. To prove that he is not a lunatic, but the real “Chosen Sleuth”, Jun joins the fight against “The Chosen Sleuths” to stop their elaborately laid plans. Racing against time, Jun and pregnant police detective Yee must race against time to solve cases both new and old to bring “The Chosen Sleuths” to justice. Three different teams of “chosen sleuths” in pursuit of justice are about to clash in an epic battle. 香港接連出現多宗殘忍至極的兇殺案,死者全是逍遙法外的嫌疑犯,兇手自稱「神探」,私刑執法,挑戰警察。警方立即傾盡隊中的「神探」,成立專案組迎戰。 精神病患者李俊(劉青雲 飾),發病前是警隊的皇牌,當年外號就是「神探」;如今活成廢柴,淪落街頭。為了證明自己不是瘋子,是「神探」,加入戰團,跳進狂徒的佈局,必須跟時間競賽,破盡舊案新案,才能將殺人「神探」緝拿歸案。 三方「神探」都為了自己的正義,展開大戰…

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