Creation of the Gods I 《封神第一部》

Category : Distribution
Country : China

Directed by : Wuershan 乌尔善
Production Year : 2023
Release Date : 28 September 2023
Running Time : 148 minutes
Cast : Kris Phillips 费翔, Li Xuejian 李雪健, Huang Bo 黄渤, Yu Shi 于适, Chen Muchi 陈牧驰, Naran 娜然.


The first installment starts the story with the collusion of villainous King Zhou and his consort fox spirit Su Daji, which causes the wrath of heaven. The mystic sages at Kunlun Mountain are aware of the coming chaos and send Jiang Ziya down the mountain with the “Fengshen Bang” (a list that empowers him to invest in the gods of Heaven) to find the lord of the world and save people. Prince Ji Fa, a diplomatic hostage of a client state trained by King Zhou from an early age, gradually discovers the true colors of King Zhou, though King Zhou used to be his hero. Ji Fa decides to escape the capital Chaoge to his hometown and plans an attack on King Zhou with the help of Jiang Ziya. The forces of all parties are surging, and the situation is changing. 商王殷寿勾结狐妖妲己,暴虐无道,引发天谴。昆仑仙人姜子牙携“封神榜”下山,寻找天下共主,以救苍生。西伯侯之子姬发逐渐发现殷寿的本来面目,反出朝歌。各方势力暗流涌动,风云变幻端倪初显……