We Contribute to Industry Development

mm2 Entertainment is always looking to develop new filmmaking talents.

Since 2015, mm2 Entertainment has organised an annual short film competition - mm2 Movie Makers Awards, where the top three winners are offered an opportunity to develop a feature film with mm2 Entertainment. After two years in Singapore, the mm2 Movie Makers Awards was organised for the first time in Hong Kong in 2017.

Judges for the mm2 Movie Makers Awards include Singapore’s Jack Neo and Eric Khoo, Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan Kuo and Gordon Lam, Malaysia’s Ho Yuhang and Chiu Keng Guan, and Taiwan’s Yeh Jufeng and Raymond Jiang.

Established scriptwriters from Hong Kong and Taiwan were invited to conduct scriptwriting masterclasses over the course of four days. Invited guests included producers, actors, directors, aspiring writers and experienced writers.

The course aimed to help improve and/or educate others on filmmaking and scriptwriting for movies, by sharing their experiences and tips on how to broaden their network. During the workshop, four scripts were selected and are now in pre-production: "The Shadow," a psychological thriller, "Nan Er Wang," about cross dressing, "Feng Shui," an action and adventure film and a horror comedy, "Scared to Death".

Through these and other initiatives, mm2 nurtures potential talents through a structured process, from shorts films, web series, to full features.