Ah Girls Go Army Again 女兵外传2

Category : Production
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Jack Neo
Production Year : 2022
Release Date : 16 June 2022
Running Time : 95 mins minutes
Cast : Apple Chan, Glenn Yong, Yang Guang Ke Le, Belle Chua, Xixi Lim, Samantha Tan, Charlene Huang, Shirli Ling, Karyn Wong, Eswari, Veracia Yong, Yong Yu, Farah Farook, Vanessa Tiara, Chloe Goh


Sergeant Chow’s actions are misconstrued, but in the face of tough challenges, the girls develop a stronger bond and mature together. Lieutenant Roxanne Tan complicates Joey's relationship with her boyfriend. The girls go through gruelling obstacles in their GBMT journey, which eventually lands them in a dangerous situation and their actions will shock the nation. Sergeant Chow 因保护女兵被误会,女兵在面临更具挑战的训练中逐渐成长。与此同 时,Joey 和男友的关系竟然牵涉到女排长。女孩们的 GBMT 之旅处处受到挑战,但她 们万万没想到,她们的技能考验竟然震撼举国上下。