Abang Adik 《富都青年》

Category : Distribution
Country : Malaysia

Directed by : Jin Ong
Production Year : 2023
Release Date : 11 January 2024
Running Time : 114 minutes
Cast : Kang Ren Wu, Jack Tan


Abang and Adi are native Malaysian but live without ID cards. They are stranded at Pudu, which has an ancient wet market. Here was once the most prosperous community in the city, but now it’s mottled and dilapidated. They cannot enjoy the rights and welfare of ordinary citizens, nor can they apply for passports or even bank accounts. Abang, the older brother, was born mute and his only goal in life is to work hard and seek a stable life. Adi, on the other hand, is unwilling to give in to his fate and becomes involved in selling fake IDs, aiming to make fast money, and gets away from this place with Abang. There comes a social worker who is called Jia En from an NGO. She is a kind and enthusiastic girl, who makes every effort to help the brothers to apply for a legal identity card. However, a fatal accident then happens and once again places Abang and Adi in dire straits.