Mr Unbelievable Unbelievable先生

Category : Production
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Ong Kuo Sin
Written by : Ong Kuo Sin
Produced by : Sock Ling, Toong Soo Wei
Production Year : 2015
Running Time : 94 minutes
Cast : Chen Tianwen as Eric Kwek Hock Seng, Genghis Chan as Eric Kwek as a baby, Liu Lingling as Man Li, Marcus Chin as Master Lo Man, Roy Loi as Ah Fei, Jaime Teo as Ah Hua, Tosh Zhang as Lawrence, Hayley Woo, Hong Huifang, Ezann Lee as her younger self, Zhang Wei, Jim Lim, Zhang Wen Xiang as Man Li's boss, Daren Tan, Silver Ang, Gadrick Chin, Chua Jin Sen


The huge success of Chen's "Unbelievable" music video, which garnered 3.2 million views on Facebook and YouTube prompted director Ong Kuo Sin to come up with a feature film based on Chen's character in Spouse for House, Eric Kwek, and provide a background story for it.

Production Still