Where Got Ghost 吓到笑

Category : Distribution
Country : Singapore

Directed by : Jack Neo, Boris Boo
Written by : Sek Yieng Bon, Boris Boo, Hee Ann Ho, Jack Neo
Produced by : Lim Teck, Patrick Tong, Soo Wei Toong
Production Year : 2009
Running Time : 92 minutes
Cast : Jack Neo as Yang Baoqiang, Mark Lee as Yang Baohuang, Henry Thia as Yang Baohui, Marcus Chin, Richard Low, Lin Ruping, Wang Lei as Reservist Lei, John Cheng as Reservist Nan, Fish Chaar, Yoo Ah Min, Zheng Yinyin,


"Where Got Ghost" is made up of three omnibus horror tales laced with Singaporean humour. In sequence, they are "Roadside Got Ghost", "Forest Got Ghost" and "House Got Ghost".

Production Still